Leading emotional experiences - the key to success

Build growth by understanding the deep emotional drivers of your CX, EX and brand experiences!   

One method,

many uses.

ValueScout is a validated measuring method based on the human behaviour.
It reveals the hidden growth potential of your market and helps you understand the true motives behind the customer’s experience and loyalty.

In ValueScout you will find a versatile projective tool, that can be used for every facet of how and why your company operates.

ValueScout helps your company to:

Stand out from the competition

Understand how your brand & company character, values and emotional experience can make you stand out from the competition.

Find your blue sea

Reveal the hidden growth potential of your market.

Build a loyal customer base

Learn the reasons behind the loyalty levels of your clients.

Be on the pulse

Measure the brand and customer experience in every touchpoint.

Make your company the best it can be

Understand the internal culture and employee experience of your company.

Create new innovations

Test new product and marketing concepts.


Over 80% of our choices are based on subconscious experiences. Traditional research methods fail: when asked directly, people can’t tell why they make the choices they make.

”This is why I started ValueScout®.
We needed a validated method that gives people the words to express the true motives of their decision making.”

– Isa Merikallio, the creator of ValueScout method

ValueScout is trusted by

”For us ValueScout has provided a unique experience: finally a practical and easy-to-use tool that has really made our brands grow.”

– Jarkko Leskinen | Marketing Director | Orkla Finland

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